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How Can A Business Show Help Your Business?

This month’s Business Show is Europe’s biggest business event. Held annually at London’s Olympia exhibition centre,

How To Rank Higher in Search?

The long awaited, much-anticipated release of the annual Ranking Factors Study is welcomed at ContentNetwork. It proved that what we do works – websites perform better with excellent content that incorporates relevant topical terms, not just keywords littered here and there. That’s why you should only hire writers who are experts in their field, so

What’s Going On With Google?

Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving but a closer look today reveals they are now focusing on the meaning behind the terms under which users are searching. To achieve this they utilise their unique size and scope to trawl millions of websites to look for the answer to each and every query before returning with thousands

Which Social Media Works Best?

It’s a question that every business has asked itself in the last few years. One that anyone in marketing probably thinks about all the time and its no surprise, making the wrong impact on social media is more than 3 times more damaging than making the right impression. The answer to this question lies in

Should you outsource Content Creation?

With more and more businesses realising succeeding online today is all about audience engagement, its understandable that content marketing has become a leading trend that experts say will double throughout 2014. What’s more, forward-thinking brands are quickly working out that for content marketing to be truly effective you can’t manage everything in-house and need to

15 Content Marketing Questions

So your company has admitted you need less commercial marketing focusing on what makes your brand great and more content marketing relating to topics your audience actually cares about. So what happens next? Many companies think the best thing to do is to simply start increasing their content output, typically taking the form of more

Why businesses need Content Marketing

As every business owner realises, making your business a success by building brand awareness is key and today the next step of the digital revolution is all about Content Marketing. It’s imperative in the 21st Century to build a relationship with your audience and customers, both potential and loyal. This is Content Marketing’s main objective; to

In the news…

Being an agency focused on editorial strategy & content creation this article is simply too good for us not to share with you all! After reading this we urge you to share it with anyone you think still needs convincing about the pivotal role content and social are going to play in any marketing strategy

LinkedIn: Content Marketing more important than ever before

We’re not the only people evangelising the power of content marketing it would seem. Echoing many topics we’ve been covering over the last 18 months Jonathan Listers take on why the growth of content marketing as a practice is a shift change in strategy rather than merely a phase makes interesting reading. In the past

Top Tips for Content Marketing Success!

Top Tips for Content Marketing Success! Much has been said about why need brands and businesses need to accept and adopt content marketing. With no two businesses being the same, how do you work out which method is best for you and more importantly which one will have the best impact with your audience? The

Content more effective than keywords!

Before we start, apologies if this is old news but it really is surprising just how many people we speak to who don’t realise the pivotal role content plays today when it comes to ANY form of online marketing. It goes without saying that audiences will naturally gravitate towards sites that offer the most relevant


Content marketing is no longer king—now, it’s the emperor!